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Domenico “Mimmo” Amelio was born in Naples, Italy in 1949, relocating to the United States in 1966.

Educated in culinary and visual arts, Mimmo has been involved in the hospitality industry for over 40 years while continually pursuing and exploring his passion of art. While he has vested interest/ownership of the popular Scampi Grill Restaurant and Bistro in Vero Beach, Florida, Mimmo has focused much of his energy towards various forms of painting (some of which are proudly and uniquely displayed in the restaurant).

Domenico "Mimmo" Amelio

Domenico “Mimmo” Amelio

I love life. I love human beings and their beauty. I disapprove injustice and hate in any form of manifestation. My paintings vary from cubism, impressionism, expressionism, astroism or abstract and are always optimistic with vibrant colors.– Domenico “Mimmo” Amelio


I paint with great inner passion. I am always exploring new approaches and techniques to keep my work fresh and spontaneous – “Alla Prima”.– Domenico “Mimmo” Amelio


Eleanor Alberts “Around the Corner Gallery” – Vero Beach, FL
“Main Street Gallery” – Cape May, NJ
“Artists Guild Gallery” – Vero Beach, FL
“RVS Gallery” – Vero Beach, FL
“Art by the Sea” Vero Beach Museum of Art – Vero Beach, FL

Member of the Vero Beach Art Club and the Vero Beach Museum of Art.


I believe that there is an artist in each of us and that without nurturing this part of ourselves, we do not grow or flourish.– Domenico “Mimmo” Amelio



Mimmo’s work can be found in corporate collections throughout Florida, North & South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and also by many private collectors throughout the United States and Europe.



  • “Fiori Di Campo” looks absolutely amazing in our foyer!

    Daniel C. - Private Collector via Letter
  • Bravo! Incredible color combinations and elegantly vibrant.

    Elizabeth S. - Interior Designer via Letter

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Currently, our listed items are primarily from our “Wearable Art” collection. This exciting twist to art has gained a lot of attention from our clients and we are focusing our attention to offering this unique collection outside of our local market!

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Fine Art Portfolio

I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse through some of my work below.




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Wearable Art Portfolio

A new twist on "displaying" art and your love of it! I am having a lot of fun with this. Take a close look at my most recent work below and tell me what you think (connect with me via the social media links below)...

Farfalla (Adult Purple Bow Tie)

Farfalla (Adult Purple Bow Tie)

Farfalla (Bow Tie)
Cravatta (Adult Black Necktie)

Cravatta (Adult Black Necktie)

Cravatta (Necktie)

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Art of Mimmo Amelio